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Bears for Sale 

You can find my teddy bears on  line at Etsy ,

Following are a few of the bears lised on Etsy. There are more so please visit my Etsy shop for a complete list of available bears!

For more detail, please click on the bear's photo. A new window will open to show the listing.

8 Inch Jeff $100.00


13 Inch Jill  $135.00

12 inch Peanut  $120.00-Listed on Bearpile

12 inch Graham  $100.00
8 inch Nick  $95.00


12 inch Shilo  $110.00

12 Inch Hal  $110.00

 12 inch Bernice  $100.00

If you have any questions please contact me and thank you very much ! 


Please check back often for new listings.  (Updated June 7, 2018).

I'd love to hear from you! Please ask me any questions you may have or offer any comments by emailing me at

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