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About the Artist


My Name is Vicki Robinson Peres and I live in Juneau, Alaska!

Since I was a teenager I have loved to sew. I started by making clothing and graduated to making soft sculpture dolls which I gave to my children, my nieces, my Mom and the neighbors! From there I entered into the world of teddy bear artistry by designing and sewing my very own one of a kind teddy bears.

Trust me, this didn't happen overnight. I used a commercial pattern to make my first teddy bear. It took what seemed like forever to piece and sew the plush together; and then when it came to turning it right side out - it was a lesson in sheer patience and persistence. I am sure it took hours. Any sane person would have given up, but I couldn't. As a result, I absolutely fell in love with the silly little teddy bear face that looked back at me when all was said and done.

And here it is, over 24 years later and I am designing and creating my own lovable little teddy faces that I pass on to you, hopefully to bring joy and a smile  into your life and the lives of those who receive them as gifts.

I can truly say, "I love and am grateful for my job." Thanks to you!

You can visit my blog by clicking here: Custom Teddys Blog

I am not only a creator of bears, I am also a collector and restorer. I have worked to restore antique bears and animals and collect teddies from Boyds to Steiff. One of my favorites is a little brown nubby bear my husband found in a garbage can and brought home for me to save. This teddy sits forever in a special chair right here in the teddy bear room.

About the Bears:

All of my bears are made entirely by me, from designing the pattern, cutting out each piece, to hand-stitching the pieces together before machine finishing.

All the faces are hand-sculpted, the ears are sewn in by hand and the noses are hand-embroidered, unless otherwise noted. All of my bears (and bunnies) are different. Although I make many angel bears, parka bears, pandas, etc., no two bears (or bunnies) are ever exactly the same. Each one is blessed with their own individual personality and mission.

Each bear receives a special "Custom Teddys" tush tag, a Made In Alaska tag and an individual detailed tag with name, birthday and a list of materials used.

These days I work almost exclusively with mohair, recycled mink and synthetic plush. Every once in a while I'll create a bear from a favorite fabric, like chenille or velvet.

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